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KNA Alert: Push for HB176

Posted about 1 year ago by Sherry Chandler

Kentucky Nurses:

KNA's top priority bill is HB176, related to the prevention of workplace violence in healthcare.  It passed the KY House unanimously this week!  It now goes to the senate where we need your help to push for the bill to get a quick hearing in committee so it can be passed and sent to the governor BEFORE March 17th.

Please call the legislative hotline number, 1-800-372-7181, and ask them to send a message to all senate members to push for HB176 to be voted on and passed BEFORE March 17th and ask that they vote for it.  You will have to give them your name and contact information.  You may also want to mention this bill is the top priority for Kentucky's nurses.    

The reason this is so important is that the session will soon recess from March 17-28th and then reconvene for 2 short days before it comes to a close on March 30th.  We need to get our bill to the governor before the recess so it doesn't get lost in the rush and confusion of the last 2 days in late March.